Altea is a municipality in the Valencian Community located in the province of Alicante, in the Marina Baixa region. It is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, north of Alfaz del Pi and south of Calpe. It is characterized by streets that slowly descend towards the sea, and small village houses, whitewashed since their construction, which make Altea an optimal place for holiday rest, as well as for the retirement of many retirees. In addition, Altea has the honor of being classified by important personalities (artists, politicians, singers, etc.) as one of the most beautiful towns on the Costa Blanca, and in Spain in general. The city is known for its festivities throughout the year and as the artists’ paradise, since poets, singers, painters, sculptors and ceramists have always sought refuge here, coming from all corners of the world.

Places to visit and things to do in Altea
Among the places to visit are the fishing port and the marina better known as Club Náutico de Altea. Very close to this point is the promenade, which runs from the port to the old fishing village, with many shops, cafés and restaurants with summer terraces. Also, popular are its street market and the imposing Parish Church that exhibits two domes that delight every visitor. Frequenting the steep and narrow streets of the old town is one of the most common activities where you can find photographers and painters looking for places with flavor, next to the immense hustle of tourism. Another place to visit is the beaches of Altea, which has more than 6 km of coastline, where cliff areas and small coves alternate with stretches of beach on flat terrain. Enjoying good gastronomy in the restaurants of Altea is a common thing in the town because it offers Mediterranean dishes accompanied by fine wines, among others. For those who enjoy parties, Altea has different festivities throughout the year that keep the town in constant celebration.

Climate and population in Altea
The climate in Altea has a privileged situation, with sweet and mild winters and summers tempered by the sea breeze, which makes it possible to enjoy its nature and its beaches practically throughout the year. Altea, protected from the cold winds by the Sierra de Bernia to the North, offers a pleasant microclimate all year round, with average temperatures of 18 degrees. Altea has a population of approximately 24,000 inhabitants, of which 35% is of foreign nationality, mainly from other countries of the European Union and Latin America.

The main economic sector of the municipality is tourism, which has promoted the arrival of emigrants and the population has multiplied since the 1960s. In view of this, construction became the second source of income for the municipality, promoting the business of real estate. Agriculture (loquat and orange) and fishing are also a source of income. This picturesque town is preferred by foreigners for its tranquility and relaxation and is evident in the high number of residents of the European Union (EU), who contribute considerably to the economic growth of the region.