1. A cup of coffee in the office

–  We are aware of the great importance of human relationships in business. It all starts in a conversation with people in the office of Arona Homes, Avd. De Ifach 4, Calpe, after a cup of coffee.  

First, we are interested in all of the information regarding the cus- tomer, in order to suit their wishes and needs.

2. Presenting our work

–  Arona Homes will do a presentation of your property, including cre- ating beautiful full frame photos and 360° interactive virtual tours, which will help the customers to see the building in its best light. The virtual tour of the property allows people put themselves inside of it, thus getting the real picture.

Descriptions of the property will be translated into several lan- guages. We also deal with property evaluations and, as every good realtor, Arona Homes cooperates with different banks, which allows us to the best rates for loans. Arona Homes’ lawyers carry out due diligence to documentation of the acquired properties, as well as provide the necessary legal support for secure and suc- cessful transactions.

Our team is multilingual and so is our website. We speak several languages, including Spanish, English, Russian and Dutch, which allows people from various countries to get informed about the properties we offer. Arona Homes is a real estate company with outstanding bonds between real estate agents worldwide.

3. Preparation of sales agreement

–  Based on our strict and honest policy, we insist on doing business after singing the sales agreement. That gives us the official to pub- lish and market your property and, at the same time, guarantees the legality and transparency of all management steps we take during buying and selling.

Once the property owner provides us with the needed documenta- tion (copy of DNI, NIE or passport, copy writing or a simple note, last receipt of IBI, community fees and other expenses), we will start making the study and preparing the sales agreement, in which the exchange rates, agency commission and the selling price of the property are agreed.

The percentage of the commission that Arona Homes charges de- pends on the type of the agreement. In the case of a claim without exclusive contract, our agency charges 5% plus VAT commission, from the seller.

4. Estate evaluation and presentation

–  Once we agree the time and day that the owner finds suitable, we make a visit to the property, during which we take care of the pric- ing and the presentation of the estate. We use modern technology in our work and create interactive virtual tours, which will save you from all of unnecessary visits from people who just want to take a look of your property. Instead, since we value your time and pri- vacy, we will introduce you to only the most respectable buyers.

The value of a home can vary excessively and therefore it is very important to know the appraised value of the house. Our team will help you choose the most suitable and competitive price of your property.

5. Marketing strategy

–  After singin the sale agreement, we will create a marketing strategy, customizing it so it would take into account the profile and conditions of the property. Since these days 9 out of 10 people search for property via the Internet, we have established a market- ing strategy that’s different than the rest – it’s creative and reaches a lot of people. We have professionals in marketing, photography, graphic design etc., which allows us to expand the range of our services.

Depending on the conditions of each property in particular, we can use different strategies. Thanks to our knowledge of marketing, we do not rely on strict marketing campaigns of big franchises. Be- cause of that, Arona Homes is more agile and flexible, when it comes to promoting. We use a combination of creativity, innovation and experience of our staff in order to sell your property.

6. Preparation for the visit

–  Arona Homes real estate agency will examine the solvency of the potential buyers to see if they can make the purchase. With all of the tools in our office, we will then provide then with the best pos- sible presentation of the properties that fit their requirements. That way, we eliminate the most of the unfruitful visits to the property.

7. Signing the contract

–  From beginning to en, Arona Homes is participating in the negotiations and helping both sides to reach a mutually beneficial solu- tion. As the guarantee of legality of the transaction, a private con- tract with the conditions and reservation needs to be signed. Arona Homes performs the notary assistance, as well as the preparation of the necessary documents for the day of contract signing.

In addition, Arona Homes has a package of after sale services, which includes a variety of services like redesign, interior design, legal and insurance counseling, and much more.