Arona Homes is a real estate agency providing professional services in the area of ​​selling, purchasing and renting properties in Spain. We offer villas and apartments in Moraira, Calpe, Altea, Benidorm and Alicante, all along the Costa Blanca. The comprehensive catalog of our company includes both new properties from developers and direct offers from owners on the existing housing market. Our agency has a solid database of commercial properties in Spain too. We offer individual approach to every client and exclusive properties thoroughly checked by our legal team.

Arona Homes offers comprehensive service in procuring real estate in Spain, supplemented with a package of post-sale services. We can save your time and money and turn purchase of property into an easy and hassle-free experience.

We start by choosing the area

–  If you can’t find a property that suits your needs in our listings, our team will conduct a search, according to your instructions. Also, if you happen to find a property on your own, or at some other agency, you can buy the property through Arona Homes, thus en- suring the lowest commission and reliable contract.

On the website of the real estate agency Arona Homes, you can see the exact location of each property, and our agents will inform you about the area and its future prospects.

Preselection in the office and visits

–  First, we are interested in all the information, which has to do with the client, to adapt to their conditions and search criteria in the shortest possible time. Using the technical tools in our office, we share with you the variety of selected properties.
The selected properties in the office are prepared for visits.

Signing of the deposit contract

–  Arona Homes responsible for preparing and monitoring the legal standards of the Deposit Agreement. It is a private contract, where the detail of the agreement reached, the agreed amount and its form of payment are collected, the maximum term to formalize the operation before a notary. When the contract is signed, an amount is delivered as part of the payment of the total price.

Sales and documentation

The great part of Arona Homes’ job is to assist in the collection and preparation of all required documentation. It is essential to have the information on the state of the loads of the house, last receipt of the IBI, quotas of the community of owners, payments of supplies, the license of first occupation or certificate of habitability, energy certificate, copy of old writing, simple note.

Arona Homes will guide you through the procedure of opening a bank account in Spain, a necessary procedure to carry out the purchase. If you are not a resident, you will need to obtain a NIE (Foreign Identification Number). Even if you need to do this in person, our team will be there to help.

Arona Homes attorneys will conduct due diligence on documentation as well as provide the legal support necessary for safe and successful security.

Expenses incurred in the purchase or sale

Hay que calcular bien los poderes económicos, aunque pidiendo un préstamo en el banco hay que tener una cierta cantidad de dinero disponible. Hay que determinar con claridad el precio y la forma de pago:

–       El IVA y el Impuesto de Transmisiones Patrimoniales (ITP) son los pagos más destacados supone el 10% si es libre y el 4% si es de protección oficial de régimen especial. En las compras de empresa a empresa, tendremos un incremento del Impuesto Sobre Bienes Inmuebles IVA que esté en vigor 21%

–       Los costes de Escritura pública en la Notaría son fijados por normativa y su cuantía depende del importe del inmueble. Una vivienda de 150.000€  puede rondar alrededor de 600€.

–       Inscripción en el Registro de la Propiedad, los precios están fijados por normativa y su cuantía depende del precio del inmueble.

–       Gestoría pueden rondar los 200 -300€.

In the case of mortgages we add:

– Valuation. In general, entities are lending an amount equivalent to 70% of the purchase price or the appraised value, although some are financing 90% of the purchase price, usually paying attention to the lower one. In 2020, the appraisal involves a cost of between € 250 and € 600, depending on the entity that performs the appraisal, the type of property and its valuation. This step will have to be carried out, even if we do not have the mortgage approved.  

The AJD (Tax of Documented Legal Acts) that we will pay whenever a notarized document is signed, which must then be registered in the registry and with an economic amount. Since November 2018, a law decree came into force that requires banks to pay this tax from then on.

– Registration in the Property Registry, prices are set by regulations and their amount depends on the price of the property, normally it does not exceed 0.2%

– Management is especially important when the operation has a mortgage loan, they can be around 200 -300 €

Signing of the deeds in notaria

The signing of the deed is a final point in the entire process of the sale, at the same time, before a notary the key to the house is delivered. Among other things, the identity, capacity, and legitimacy of the seller and buyer are verified, the status of debts is exposed, if any, the receipt of the payment of real estate tax is requested.

Change of ownership of supplies

In Arona Homes team responsible for change of ownership of supply as well as telephone and electricity, fulfilling the package after-sales service.