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Villajoyosa is a municipality in the Valencian Community belonging to the province of Alicante and located on the Costa Blanca 10 kilometers south of Benidorm, in the Marina Baja region, of which it is its capital. Known for its chocolate industry, its Moorish and Christian festivals and its fishing gastronomy. Villajoyosa is characterized by being a city full of history, this town stands on the ruins of the Roman city of Allon, of which there are still remains. They can also be found still standing, walls and watchtowers placed to combat the siege of pirates. It is a picturesque city with a historical cultural interest that makes it different from the rest.

Places to visit and things to do in Villajoyosa

Among the places to visit are the fishing district and the old town of Villajoyosa with its beautiful brightly colored private houses. It is also common to frequent the Amadorio reservoir to enjoy a quiet time with family or friends. The city has 15 kilometers of coastline spread over 15 beaches, of which the main ones are: Playa de los Estudiantes, Playa de Almadraba and Playa Centro, where its waters are always crystal clear and warm, and you can find gravel and sand. Another of the tourist attractions of the town is what is known as La Vila Gastronómica, which consists of a fair throughout the year when restaurants, cafés, hotels, shops, among others, participate, to show the region’s gastronomy with different themes. For those who enjoy parties, Villajoyosa has the Moors and Christians festivals, Easter, carnival and many more that last throughout the year.

Climate and population in Villajoyosa

The climate in Villajoyosa is referred to as a local steppe climate. Throughout the year, the city receives little rainfall and the average annual temperature is 18.3 °C. These conditions allow the performance of outdoor activities such as water sports: surfing, kite surfing, among others. The town has an approximate population of 34,000 inhabitants. 20% of the municipality’s population is of foreign nationality, mainly from other countries of the European Union (60%).


A city with a great fishing tradition, today the economy is based on the chocolate and tourism industries. Villajoyosa receives many visitors annually and is known for its good chocolate and a restaurant structure that highlights the great gastronomy of the region in a significant way. This picturesque town is an ideal destination for foreigners on holiday or as residents. It offers excellent investment opportunities that attracts vacationers to stay. This is demonstrated by the large number of people from the EU living in the city.

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